Standard Wed Update ;)

So not a lot to update on as I haven’t done a great deal the last week as I’ve been busy in other areas of my life but from 3 Bullets on the last day we did hit a winner at 10.0 to stay ahead and nicely in profit.

The bullet bet did strike with a nice 10.0 winner (from only 3 selections) to keep us nicely ahead and in profit. What about Faugheen? Samcro bottled it (ground pussy) and Supersundae wasn’t right? what a load of bollocks, a very dull Morigana was media made interesting by having 3 heavyweights line up only for two to WD which wasn’t surprising in the least and as it happened Faugheen was easily beaten by Sharjah who looks a decent sort to take through the season, honest and genuine. Faugheen however looks shot, all the dogs are barking ” 3 miles ” which is fair as she will stay and she is a relentless galloper but she is also just a bit fucking slow and wont be winning anything over 2m unless absolute dross turns up and the 3m division looks quite strong so I cant see the Machine (broken) winning this season , not the force of old and in truth merits a consideration for retirement.

What I found highly fucking suspicious yesterday was the running or placing of LUMEN. Either absolute genius from the trainer or stupidity from the bookies?. What did they see that I didn’t ( race watching, broker for last 33 years ) ??. This did absolutely nothing on its first 3 runs ( over around 1m ) and on its last two runs in minor affairs was generously priced at 150/1 and 600/1 and was as expected stone last each time showing nothing and little to work on however the trainer sticks in a hcap over now 2m ( almost twice the distance its ever ran ) and  in a decent sized field up against runners with some bits of proven form its straight in at 2/1f??!!…what? how?? on the basis of what??… I just don’t see it? I cant process this as I have no data to process…it then hoses up!!.. many would scream fiddle however I feel all those screamers were the same favourite backers all over social media and as this was the fav they were all probably on it and mopping up but I simply cant believe the bookies were mugged of like this?, they know every scam in every book and offering 2/1+ on a good thing is surely free money for some or did they think the same as me? .. .. thoughts anyone?

Onto today , we have several to look and aim at ,

  1. 1240 Chepstow – Smart Boy / Holdbacktheriver – Both Unplaced
  2. 1350 Hexham – Saint Freule / Sleepy Haven – 1st @ 10.5 / 2nd @ 9.0               

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