My Golf Journey

Well i actually joined a club today!!, after a lot of deliberation and indecision i actually opted for a shorter, smaller much more relaxed local club rather than one of the clique, snobby up yours clubs and i had my first ever official Handicap card round.

The Club :


This is a Camping park with a rather decent couple of fishing lakes that had a course through it which a good few years ago seemed more like an after thought than a genuine Golf course however i think the Landowner ( Farmer ) has had a change of heart over the last few years as a bit of money and time has been invested and it has a decent membership and club pro supplying a good list of comps and Roll Ups, the food is fantastic and the general vibe is very relaxed.

So the round?!..Well let me start by saying it pissed down for 16 Holes including at least 12 Holes where it was torrential and any normal day would have seen me walk off however this was to attain my official HANDICAP so good or bad i played and come home with a rather industrious 102 *cough Cough, this is part was to a few to many hesitant drives and 4 really poorly played Par 3’s ( 6/6/5/5 ) and i think i can quite easily chop 10 shots from this round as i am expecting a more realistic 88-92 from the remaining 2 rounds that said if im given a large Hcap for my first proper comp then i have to think i have every chance of winning and lets not forget that regardless of the Hcap be it 12 or 22 the shots still need to be played to Win! and i am looking forward to a few more rounds of comfort and enjoyment rather than the angst and annoyance that follows society golf with every arse with a pulse screaming Bandit etc..nob achers!.

So onwards and upwards we go and i shall end to this after every game highlighting and the highs and lows of every round…102 to beat!!..i will or give up for good ;-().


Whats in My Bag,

Well as of 20/10/2016 i currently have the following,

Driver : Mizuno MP 650mizuno 10.5° Stiff Flex 65g shaft.

Putter : wilson

This is a Wilson Pro Harmonized Putter with a soft feel face and probably the most important club in my bag although i am considering changing to a Daytona Ghost..Thoughts?..

Club Iron Set : A standard set of Cobra Bafflers, reg flex ( Graphite ) and these are good although i think i use steel shafted clubs better with my older set of Wilson X31’s slightly preferred but that is not 100% as in truth i think the jury is still out even after 1 year of ownership however they are by some way the most forgiving clubs i have used i just think i lose some distance with them.baffler-xl-combo-set

 Lob Wedge :  A stock Orlimar 64° Lob Wedge and a Stock Wilson 60° Gap wedge tp compliment my SW&PW and these have now become an integral part of my round set up , course management and game.

And finally my Rocket Rescue which is good for upto 210 Yards and very comfortable between 180-200 although rather frustratingly i veer between brilliant and dogshit with this as i find it commands zero intolerance with mistakes, one drop of the shoulder, one slow hip rotation and Doooosh!!..straight into the ground and 50 yards it goes, not enough follow through or a lazy tired swing will see this fade, cut, slice at times quite wildly and you get lack of distance, lack of control and loss of shots….However you hit it sweetly through the middle you get flight, you get a true path and the ability to stroke it 200 yards and to drop it onto a 20p piece…its a truly majestic club when used with patience and grace ( it may be 1″ too long for me? ) and is the one club i will never not have in my bag.taylormade-product-hero-desktop-2-2-rbz-rescue_02

So there’s my bag circa 2015-2016


Well had 9 holes on Saturday and 18 at Boothferry Sunday and frankly i was utter shite on both occasions i have no rhythm in my swing and a complete lack of confidence although i did win my match play game on Sunday after being 4 up at one stage it took me 3 sudden death play off holes to seal the deal.


** BAG/GEAR Update. : I have a new Putter i have invested in the one club that can make or break a round so along with my driver is the most personal of clubs and my weapon of choice is a Taylormade DAYTONA Ghost TourBlack “.


I have been deliberating as to why my game is so pained currently  and i think i will try standing more right n tight for my drives rather than my very very low slung swipe im currently adopting.My Irons have been incredibly hit and miss and i think i need to come down the grip a bit for better control even it means a loss in distance which can be rectified by a lift in club strength.The Hybrid and my Rescue, this for me is the biggest pain as my Rocketballz Rescue has been my ” go to ” club for a long time but the winter ground conditions do not favour a club that needs a direct hit and lift even tho again a few inches further down the shaft may make a difference but the 4 wood hybrid from my Cobra selection seems a far more logical step although it is only any good for upto around 170 ( Rocketballz is 180-220 ) it is generally far more accurate which much more lift so i have things to consider and grips to feel and a new putter to test so hopefully golfing on both Sat and Sunday to get a good allowing.


Well i had a good round at Boothferry with Jase ( Howden ) and again Won so that’s 2 from 2 and both had to won and decided via a sudden death run of holes although i had to wait till the 2nd extra hole to seal this deal but the par 3 10th was again my saviour having won on it last year i blew my drive onto and straight off the green this time however my short game again rescued me as i slid a chip up and over the ridge and to the right and it landed and rolled right to left to within 6″ of the hole and then rolled my putt in which i needed to after watching Jase flight his Tee Shot to the front of the green and 10ft from the pin and then we moved to Play off hole nos 2 which was a Par 5 and Jase made a Hash of this from start to finish and i just went steady eddie to win.

Driving : Very hit and Miss again although more hit very little cut or block and generally safely away albeit with not always the flight i wanted.

Hybrid : Great and very reliable.

Rescue: Brilliant at times but prone to mis-hits is this club really worth the pain?

3 Wood: Used a couple of time to throw some distance at holes although this is quite a high risk rank club i heavily considering in moving it out of my selection.

Irons : Well hit and Miss on the 7,8 and 9 although i do feel that once i have settled on my set up i will be consistently stroking them high and clean.The Short Irons including the Lob and Sand were at times simply unbelievable with my 3 sand shots right out of the top drawer and all 3 led to single putts after and my use of the SW around the green is back to what it was and how it should have been before my dalliance with the Lob simple, steady , effective and generally very reliable.

Putter : This is simply the best club i have ever bought, its controlled, refined and flows wonderfully through the hands and you have a confidence of knowing its going where you want and distance wise is perfect same user error problems when they arise but i already know i am putting better with it and i shall not be changing any time soon.

So on to this weekend and the mentioned freezing weather i will be playing both Saturday and Sunday ( Boothferry and Scalm ) with only the Sunday game a shoo in as i need to play the next 2 Sundays to attain my official Handicap and then i can start to play in the weekend ( Saturday Roll Ups ).

I will update on my adventures next week..TTFN x


So an update.Saturday with Pal Jason went well and Won for the 3rd time on the spin with all three games a draw on the 18th and me winning the sudden death Par 3 play off hole ;-).

I then played on the Sunday in the Rain again at Scalm and it was a game of two halves … literally!! as i played like utter dogshit on the front nine going out in a shocking 53 on a day when nothing worked for me.But then i played in a different 3 ball on the back nine and started on a 110 yard Par 3 with a green protected by thorny bushes and trees so you need to deliver a shot in high and float it in or go left for safety and accept a par or bogey , i went for the former only i didnt deliver enough power and it was short behind the bank of trees so i just thought ” fuck it ” and got out the 60 degree and scooped this bad boy up n over and it landed 3″ from the hole..nice 3 from there ;-0, then i moved to the 11th a nice par 4 which i drove well for a change then altered my approach by losing power but keeping it truer and lifted my second onto the green and then putted in from 12ft BIRDIE!! i then took Par at the next two and ended up coming back in Net 32 with a stableford score of 21 ( based on my online hcap of 18 ) and this was much more like the old me and more of how i can play so i know i still have game its just a case of getting it there with a very weak back i worry as to how long ive actually got left , depressing thought..but its reality.

Club news: The new putter is AWESOME!! , i just love it, the feel and control is just divine and its had an impact on my game already.Now i just need to get a new bag and trolley although i dont know whether to go electric or 4 wheel push.


Update: Played on Saturday in the 4 ball ” Yellow Peril ” (19/11/16) and my driving was fantastic, my Par 3’s were very acceptable and some of my approach play was commendable however my putting went back to shit..yes i drained 3 from 12ft+ however i missed 3 from less than 3 ft and generally lacked any focus with so many be pushed or pulled..very disappointing and with the Saturday comp in trouble due to flooding i wont have anywhere to vent!!!, all i can do is focus, chin up and keep battling.


Played at the weekend in a 4 Club challenge.

I really enjoyed this until the 12th hole ( will explain in a bit ) as i played some of my best golf this day, driving with my Rescue was superb, yes it was only achieving a carry of around 200yards however these were always straight down the middle and with a good launch these reached 225 yards and i will be using this a lot more. Understanding my range and plotting my distance around the course made this a much more interesting yet educational round and i will only use my driver now where i feel a big carry is required however i am much happier coming into the green from around 130 with an easy 8 rather than taking a lower % shot to get nearer and say wedge in from 40 yards.

As an example lets say we have a range of holes  (i am saying this from my perspective as a decent 18 Handicapper) and we have a 420 Yard Par 4.

420 is generally to far for a 2 shot GIR for me so i will swing the big dog at it in what is a reasonably high % shot then i only have a 7 or 8 iron into the green but if it was say 390 then i could go rescue / rescue or driver/7 iron. If this is a tough track with trees or has protected greens then you have options and it does make you sit up and think and allows you to plot your way round avoiding bunkers.

At Scalm with a slightly higher tee i could really launch myself into an energetic 8 iron knowing it wont go much further than around 120 yards and with a less enthusiastic swing only around 105 and that gave me two perfect pin shots on the par 3’s with only the longer 160 yard par 3 letting me down (not much tho hit green and ran just off the edge but still puttable). My Putting was generally superb although not nailing as many as i would like my range was bang on point which makes me much happier as range is much harder to master than trajectory.

So all in all i had a great Front nine ( 1 over ) 17 points and a blob on S1 (nice drive into the bunker then tried and failed a hero shot from the sand then shut out the final approach) and hit a Birdie on 10 a Par on 11 then .. .. .. i fucking fainted on 12.!! yes fainted!!, i had been feeling ill all week and even more so on the day but this has never happened to me before. The Mrs had to come and rescue me as i was in bits gurgling and sweating. Took me an Hour to just come round ( Exhaustion and Flu ) , time to take it a bit easier.

So played 11 Holes to LEVEL PAR with only three clubs whilst feeling like shit in hideous thick Fog that gave no clues to where the pin or your ball was , in fact thinking back this was quite an achievement and i must process all this before making a decision on how i approach my future golf.



Well played weekend before the weekend just passed and passed out on the 12th and that was me laid up for a week with Exhaustion and a Stomach Virus which is a shame as i was in the 4 club Challenge and was on -1 at the time having played some very consistent golf.

Played the weekend just gone and i was in a 4 ball singles Sford comp and i was absolutely dogshit coming back with a pathetic 26 Points.

My Driving is reasonably consistent and im happy with that part of my game , my putting is a lot more consistent and although i am draining more distant strikes i am still letting myself down and still need to focus considerably more ALL of the time however my approach play and in particular with my irons was just pathetic..absolutely rubbish so i have put the 5 wood ( plays like a 7 iron ) back in the back and removed the Fairway wood ( for good ) in the hope this will give me more options and a better choice of shot availability from poor or tricky lies.

There is such a big difference for me personally between Winter and Summer Golf and i can do nothing but learn, understand and play to the course, swing slow, straight and dont rush.

___________________________String Comp on Saturday which should be fun .. .. ..

Well The String comp was not fun as team members arguing about points and some seemingly having impossibly long lengths of string made this rather arduous and unenjoyable, the conditions are soft and not too my like as i like and need some bounce to really get the club head under the ball and it to be flicked into the air and this allows me to get away with a poor swing where as in winter golf its instantly punishable and bad slaps and 20 yarders are common place.

I am becoming increasingly frustrated at my inability to get out of long rough correctly and my own stupid decision making process when considering club selection and shot type as i find myself on a low confidence arc, i know this is normal however i would rather not be in it plus im still feeling shit with this stomach and flu virus and look forward to days of good health and not sleep deprived.

I dont know what to say about my Game at the minute.. Driving is generally good and im happy with both ball flight and control and distance ( Ave around 230 off the Tee ) and my Putting has improved a fantastic amount with the help of my new putter , still prone to the odd stupid error and short distance push but is generally of a much higher quality and i feel i can 2 putt from anywhere with no putt causing me concern.

My Rescue play has improved dramatically although i have had to sacrifice some distance to achieve accuracy and this is similar with my 4/5 woods although not sure on the range with the 5 wood as not fully tested under new swing conditions with the mid irons very hit and miss.

My Short game is still generally the ace in the hole for me as i feel i can conjure any shot from 3 ft over a tricky bunker into a green, stun, spin, roll whatever or out as far as 130 Yards ( Summer 8 Iron chute shot or 7 Winter down shafted flick ) i am happy overall with these my problem area is 145 – 165 as i dont feel i have an exact shot or club and find myself quite guessy with these and thats affecting my swing and the shot outcome.

I am still rather ill with stomach cramps so the big Pairs game on Saturday is very much up in the air, im hoping im fit enough to play but cannot gtee anything at the minute.


Update to follow.


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