Thursday Review

Not a lot happened yesterday , got a winner but the racing was dire and the Bullet bet and indeed the buckle from the same race were both late changes in a frustrating day, didn’t have a bet yesterday as I wasn’t really feeling it but from a statistical perspective its good. Getting bored with all the hype surrounding the current or hyperbole stars with the up coming challenge between Native River and Might Bite this weekends big thing. I love love Might Bite and think this could be easily as good as Altior or the now retired Sprinter Sacre but does have issues in the head which for me cause it to needlessly under perform on the other hand I think the media and to a degree the paying public have very much under estimated the quality that lay within Native River often looking at style over substance and I am guilty of this myself at times as we get drawn into the fame and majesty like a moth to a flame often missing the glaringly obvious. Native River is top top class make no bones about that and always gives his all and has no issues and jumps like a stag and the winner of this duel will dominate this division for the year which will not only culminate in a win at Cheltenham but will no doubt take in a couple of other graded races also I think unless there is a very obvious reason for one or the other disappointing then I don’t think these two will eyeball each other again this season so between them can mop up.

2. 1320 Newc – Stargazer / Theglasgowwarrior ( Flat 1m4f ) – 3rd @ 6.52 / 1st @ 15.11

3. 1320 – Newc – Pammi / Echo ( Flat 1m4f ) – 1st @ 6.6 / Unplaced

4. 1325 MarkR – Wotzizname / Clondaw Native ( Hcap Hurdle ) – Unplaced / 3rd @ 6.23

5. 1445 Winc – Fairway Freddie / Maratt ( Hcap Hurdle ) – 1st @ 4.6 / Unplaced

Summary on Results : Bullet did ok with a place however the Buckle bet has come flying out with a 15.11 Winner, lets see how we get on with the others ?? 😉

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