More Brexit Bollocks

So Boris ( I am a fan ) has been defeated by the cowards and trough feeding sycophants in both the Commons and Lords as they try to rush through a legal bill to prevent a No Deal scenario however this imo will not be ratified by the Queen as it is both undemocratic and illegitimate , The Prime Minister whomever that may be at any time should have the right to govern as they see fit and if the will of the people or the house isn’t happy then they should call a GE and let the votes speak.

By acting like a petulant child all that has been achieved is for the public to gain a stronger dislike for the government and politicians and the insidious and odious Speaker Bercunt is a joke and a parody of who should hold that position.

We are all people of the sovereign and all MP’s should act for the people , their respective wishes not theirs or to decide on they feel the country should be run, they have become for too long self serving and arrogant and only the majestic Moggy calls it how it is!!. All MP’s should be doing is carrying out the wishes of those they represent not challenging their wishes as that is not their remit.

Brexit ( whatever your stance ) is very simple , A vote was cast and the majority went surprisingly to LEAVE and with that we offered the EU 2 options:

  1. Leave with a deal and one that is good for the UK in whatever form is felt appropriate but ultimately decided by US.
  2. 2) Leave with NO DEAL

Now the EU will not grant us the back stop position we have asked for therefor the position and chance of leaving with a deal is not an option so we will leave with NO DEAL and take up the WTO option and sit outside of all the EU regulations and membership options.

The MP’s have no right legally or morally to dictate the process on how they feel it should be run as it is not their will that is recognised , it is the peoples that is how democracy works this is not a dictatorship , the Labour party and Corbyn are a disgrace to both politics and democracy and the Flim Flam that is the Liberals should be ashamed at themselves .

What will now happen???? who knows really , the bill will be passed by Lords so we will have to see how the Queen reacts and take it from there but for me I think we should have a General Election , let the people vote and give Boris the majority and the power he deserves to do the right thing.


Till Next time… … … …



Well its been a very intriguing often dramatic opening two days with some stellar performances, some shocks and another ” Annie Power ” moment.

It has also been quite profitable and if I had any balls left would have been amazing , that said the trade flip side did benefit when I traded Bennie out at 1.12 before Ruby took a tumble over the last.. again ….

So we move into Day 3 and for traditionally the hardest day as a punter but could be a great day for Longbow and as the Bullet and Buckle bets will come into play today as he is the Hcap specialist.

We Start the day off with the JLT a rough race that is full of almost and has been and in some cases should have been….

We should start of with Defi Du Seuil a horse of unknown potential and proven ability however 11/4 for a horse with such obvious flaws is cheap and for me that’s a Lay , yes the form against the likes of Vindication and more importantly Lostintranslation is very strong but equally it has shown how frail he can be and in what will be a race decided by tactics in the attritionnal ground I think the price is skinny as I had it up at 4/1.

Capeland is a strange one at 25/1 from a red hot trainer and ticks every box?…cant work this one out?..Kidisart looks a decent type with some heart and at 8/1 is just within range of being an EW selection however I will side with the rather unfortunate Ruby Walsh on VOIX DU REVE at around 8/1 is not brilliant value but offers enough to feel happy that you got involved, he had his pick and went with this, has bumped into a smart one in Le Richbourg last twice and stayed this trip well over hurdles although lto I was very underwhelmed as it looked beaten and done for when falling at the last but I still think it is worth a small stakes EW.

RESULT : DEFI DU SEUIL Won this at 3/1f however having managed to get on at 4.6 with Betfair I had it in a small stakes Dutch and won £60 so I am happy enough, the form is true and the race was well contested with Lostintranslation ( Traded at odds on in running after the last ) running into 2nd having held every chance at the last and Menghli Khan who ran a fine race 7L back in third only coming undone after the last ( as many do ).Defi

Next up is the PERTEMPS a Hcap Hurdle over 3m and this is a Bullet Race.

Bullet Bet – First Assignment @ 15.0 (Re assessed at 13:51) – Champers on Ice –

Buckle Bet – Thermistocles @ 16.5 (Re assessed at 13:51) – Flemcara –

Result – Ultimately before or after this was a complete washout however I didn’t have a bet as the market was so screwed in the final three minutes I just left fact the only bet I fancied was a lay on Sire Du Berlais as I felt it was short enough at 4/1 to be taken on given that it had achieved little this year but they have applied cheekpieces and you add this to a clear round and this then ran out a neck Winner at 4/ a little bullet swerved and time to re gather for the next race

RYANAIR time in the 1450 and as usual this is a very well contested race often besmirched by many and derided by many for using it as a race for horses that just are not good enough for the graded races which then opens up the argument of making it a Handicap?.. discuss….

Anyway , FOOTPAD I will have in my dutch for this, thought by many to be a spent force however its lto run was full of promise and old attitude and I think he will be tip top for this . This will be Dutched ( Same Stake ) with UN DE SCEAUX a horse I have enjoyed many a success on over the last 5 years and a horse I believe still retains plenty of enthusiasm and form and sparked enough for me with its only run this term to suggest this still has a big race inside

RESULT : Firstly neither Footpad or Un De Sceaux were placed or even close to it as both bottomed out very badly so a loss for me..however lets all cheer for the excellent Bryony Frost who along with Racheal Blackmore have shown themselves to be absolute top drawer jockies and she ( Bryony ) romped home on Frodon for gaffer Paul Nicchols with Aso 2nd and Road to Respect running on for third, not the result I wanted or expected but a good one for racing and this is pretty much the end of these two now as Graded stars as that light has well and truly been dimmed.

Next up is the Stayers Hurdle and for many a banker race due to the number of people thinking that Paisley Park is unbeatable today and the 6/4 is a gift!. Well I fucking disagree , Yes PP is a very smart horse who could still be improving and has shown some very tasty form this season

I will take him on at those odds with the likes of Supersundae , Top Notch and the frustrating Yanworth and lets not forget the one time brilliant FAUGHEEN now an 11 year old and nearing the end of his days at his peak I think the 9/2 could be a decent price and if he has recovered from his lto fall and has come on just enough he will be a tough nut to crack, this all said If Paisely Park runs exactly the same as he did lto then he will probably win by 6L … so I will follow my heart and not my head..6/4 for this race is too short after all he is nor Sprinter Sacre..yet.

RESULT : Well after much umming n Arring I decided to have a dutch only thing rather surprisingly my head rules and I had the Majority of it on Paisley Park and it Won..hats off everywhere and not a dry eye in the house..just bloody superb beating Faugheen into 3rd…great great race!!. and I WON £200 ;-Paisley.png

The 1610 is a straight up Bullet Race.

Bullet Bet – Eamon An Cnois @ 12.5 -This was a very good 4th and hit 2.26 after the last but just couldn’t sustain the challenge  but with 22 runners it’s a winning bet.

Buckle Bet – River Wylde @ 14.5 -Fell

Now its time for the less glamorous races , these are party fillers imo and in truth I feel the meeting should be shortened to three days with a lot of this dross being removed and run on a separate open day. POSH TRISH is in my tracker and I see no reason why I should be swayed, likes all ground and trip, is bang in form as is the stable n jockey..tick tick tick..11/2 looks like its a free EW bet and well worth including in a nice EW Trixie.

And the Finale is a Bullet Race…

Bullet Bet – Kilfilum Cross @ 15.0 – Another solid bullet bet as this runs a cracker for 2nd at a well backed 7/1 so the 15.0 I took was rock solid and that’s two seconds from three races at big odds and a good profit … the Bullet Bets  Rock!!

Buckle Bet – Speaker Connolly @ 16.0

And that rounds up the days events pretty well, don’t forget the Bullet Bets can be subject to alteration upto 5 minutes prior to the race going off, its an algorithim guided by market forces..that forces the change so stay upto date and get updated…Good Luck and have fun!!.

Chelts Day 1 – Champion Hurdle Day

Here we go , the Annual week of carnage or celebration that is the Cheltenham Festival.

This is as good a Supreme as i can remember in recent years and for punters its a tough choice , opinions will be split , some will back with their heart and gut as logic is short.

For me i can only really name the 5 obvious one,

Mr Fisher & Angels Breath

Fakir D’Ourdaires

Al Dancer

Klassical Dream

A very positive case can be made for all 5 ( The winner will come from these ) and if you want you can back ALL 5 and still make a decent profit.

For me i think the winner will be Angels Breath as i know Nico is very keen on this free running sort however the best i can do is a dutch with FAKIR as i think the 8lb allowance for age will be enough to swing this the right way and coming up the hill that weight could make all the difference.

RESULT : Image-1

Not quite the start i had hoped or imagined tbh , Angels Breath was badly hampered before two out running on the inside and having to be checked right up that complete loss of momentum put paid to his chance…

However… OMFG!!!… That win by KLASSICAL DREAM was simply one of the most stunning i have ever witnessed in the Supreme and as good as any in many ways in any race, in a top quality field this was completely switched off and Ruby never pulled a muscle till he needed shaking after the last!!, swinging round the bend with the field trailing in his wake he simply cantered away…Mullins has had some stars like Vautour, Annie and Douvan but my o my this could surpass them all if can continue like that..truly stunning!!!


This is another tough punting race and the only definitive thing i can say is that i cant see the Fav Glen Forsa winning , yes it won easy lto getting an easy lead and then quickening away to annihilate a poor performing Kalishnikov but it wont get anything like that here and it will have to try and quicken off a break neck pace and will be taken on for the lead by at least three others including Clondaw Castle and Knocknanuss.

Lalor could be the answer but i dont like backing runners at Cheltenham that are running on the back of a poor run its different if changing grade or trip but just running flat is entirely different.

So for me at a decent EW price i like US AND THEM who has very useful placed form and is the sort that can improve enough to win.

RESULT: A very good 2nd for me @ 17.5 ( SP:14/1) and i also made a few sheckles laying Gran Forsa ( Fell early on when at the back )



This race is not going to be reviewed as i will simply be applying my Hcap Algorithm to this.

Bullet Bet – Coo Star Sivola 

Buckle Bet – Beware the Bear

RESULT : Its a WIN for the Buckle Bet as Beware the Bear Wins for Hendo at 15.5



A truly epic renewal with at least five all with outstanding chances on paper.

BUVEUR D’AIR is getting my money as it goes for the treble ( having won this race for the last two years ) looks as good as ever and the loss behind stablemate Verdana Blue is forgotten as it was a nothing race.

Apples Jade has swerved a walk over in the Mares to try her hand here and the weight received again could be a decisive key but this will by far be the toughest race she has been in and probably as good as she ever will be.

Laurina is obviously a very smart mare but has achieved little and is more promise and potential although the manner in which she has won does suggest that she is well upto this and will be very much involved.

I love Espoir D’Allen but i feel this is a year too soon for this hot prospect whilst Sharja although useful is just short of what is required and Melon looks a spent force.

Verdana Blue and Brain Power both have enough about them to be involved at the finish but they will need to be at their absolute peaks without exception and take in a faultless round…that in itself is a big ask and 3rd or 4th at best is my thinking.

The top four will all like to swing round the bend  however the pace will be such i feel a bit of cat and mouse will take place with Buveur coming home the strongest of all… great race and i can only hope.

RESULT : Buveur Fell when going well so who knows but the winner was the excellent Espoir D’Allen who romped away with this and made Laurina look very one paced as he just cruised by her and the field…as i stated in my notes this hot prospect is going to the very top.

The Mares Hurdle

This is the race that holds not only todays NAP but also my Joint NAP for the week ( This and ALTIOR in a big Double ).

Benie Des Dieux

All hail the new Queen Benie.

RESULT: WOW another incredible Annie Power moment as Bennie has the race won very easily i might add only for Ruby to take a tumble over the last saving the bookies a fortune ( would have been in all the big doubles n trebles )…HOWEVER unlike last time when it wiped me out i traded out at 1.12 for a nice profit….and i must say im feeling rather pleased with myself….

The Close Brothers 

This is another algorithm race.

Bullet Bet – Highway One O One

Buckle Bet – Springtown Lake – Best we could manage here was a 5th @ 11/1..but a brilliant start to the week leaving me well in front..can i sustain it?, see ya tmrw…

And that for me rounds up Day 1.

Others to Note through the week,

Day 2 

Champ and Santini from Henderson both look to hold exciting chances and it will be a battle royale versus the might of the Elliot yard as he takes them on with Battleoverdoyen and Delta Work….two very interesting races.

The Coral is a B&B race.

Bullet – Cracking Smart

Buckle – Canardier

Queen Mother Champion Chase – ALTIOR – NAP

The Glenfarlas is a funny old race and usually i would just back Edna Bolgers runners as she likes this and does well in these however there is a bit of class in this renewal and none more than the National Winner TIGER ROLL and he looks to be the one, will be very hard to beat , jumps and stays and has a very experienced rider who has tackled the course before…cant see past it however from a betting perspective FACT OF THE MATTER at around 14/1 ( 18 on BF ) is a better bet with better rewards, his last two runs have been over this C&D with a 2nd then a 1st and comes here at his peak and if Tiger doesnt quite have it today this could be the one to mop up, decent little bet this.

The Fred Winter is a B&B race.

Bullet – Chief Justice

Buckle – Coko Beach

and in the finale of day 2 i cant see past the fav ENVOI ALLEN with JJ Codd doing the steering…

Thats all from me for now..ttfn and good luck.

Well back again … already…

So we are just a few days away from one of the highlights of the racing calendar yes its time to ready yourself, pull on those big betting boots and head over to the… … ….                                   CHELTENHAM FESTIVAL.

I have to admit to being slightly underwhelmed this year as we don’t seem to have many banker wonder horses not since the likes of Douvan, Vautour, Un des Sceaux, Sprinter Sacre, Big Bucks etc….

Of course we have the brilliant ALTIOR but at no price as I think this will walk home and will dominate the scene until beaten then should be retired much like Sprinter.

Sir Eric looks very good , Benny could be anything including a Jet! and will Native River return to form or will he be bitten by a bite or Sizzled on a plate?

Day one for me is probably the best day as the weight of expectation is finally delivered upon us and Day one for many will dictate how the week itself is attacked.


The opening day starts of with a traditional hard race in the SUPREME and one for the bookies as only a couple of favourites have won in the last 20 years with other winners coming in at 40/1 and 50/1 with an average SP of 12 you need to be ( statistically thinking ) looking at the third or fourth fav for a punt.

Nico has already stated he will be riding Angels Breath over the visually very impressive Mister Fisher, both very smart but didn’t actually expect that because I feel Mister Fisher is a proper group horse and Angels just looks flash ( might be wrong ) and lets not under estimate the chances of Champagne Platinum who looked good when winning at xmas.

I don’t like Mullins for this or Cheltenham to be honest this year as I feel his stable has gone flat, withdrawals, jockey changes, ownership tussles, poor form and lack of new quality means the master from Ireland is struggling.

ELIXIR DE NUTZ at around 12/1 fits the EW betting bill perfectly and I can see this running a very strong race having Won the Tolworth lto in a quite facile manner.

Im not that keen on Al Dancer for this and certainly not at around 3/1 .. that is a bet born from insanity!!.

Not much else to add here , my idea of a bet here is 2 x EW bets on Angels Breath and Elixir De Nutz at around 12/1 each.


This is not a race I like in particular , I find it is generally made up of almost horses or has beens, hyped wonder horses that fail to reach potential or those that are good novices that don’t follow up , then we have some impressive types winning fuck all races beating trees…I find it all very confusing as a punter and to try and find an edge in a race likes this requires more than just gut instinct unless of course you are just a degenerate gambler in which case there is no help for you anyway so fuck off.

Camellia de Cotte has very impressive form figures winning 4 of its last 5  however its a winning Mullins machine that is trading at 20/1 ??..that tells you all you need to know. Kalshnikov looks a nut case after getting turned over lto at short odds in a small field where the winner just ran away with it and im not convinced that Lalor is as good as the general media and populous would have us believe, yes Lalor is a very smart horse but not the tank we had thought possible pre season and at 3/11  I wouldnt touch this.

Defi Du Seuil for me is the class in the race and should be unbeaten this term but for being a bit shit at times and the lack of class shown when defeated means I would never take a short price on such a beast in such a tough looking race.

KNOCKNANUSS at around 16/1 appeals as a ” sporting ” EW bet if I had to get involved.

Race 3 is a nothing for me so cant even be arsed doing a review…



This is a race I like very much and this years looks to be a cracking renewal.  I think the most obvious starting point is Nicky Henderson, he has 3 outstanding entries in Brain Power (Nico’s choice as he cant ride Buveur D’air) and the aforementioned BUEUR D’AIR and it is the latter named and the favourite at around 2/1 that really will take all the beating, going for the hat trick and in very good shape this multiple grade winner lacks scope but has a massive heart and loads of class.

Apples Jade is currently vying for favouritism and there is a large school of thought that is suggesting that Apple could be the answer however as good as Apples Jade is I have seen her several times where she has backed out when faced with serious rivals and does come across as a bit of a bully and at 2/1 I think is a massive gamble and a definite no bet. Melon went down by just a neck last year but doesn’t look as good this year and is readily cast aside. Supersundae and decent odds will always give you a run for your money but will no doubt ultimately come up short again although this could easily sneak a place.

LAURINA now this is a tricky one to assess even at 4/1 because she is not a worthy EW bet as I see her either cruising to the neck of the hill swinging on the iron and winning or trying to keep up with what will be a break neck pace and finding the tank running out very quickly and she will be hung out with the rest of the rubbish. You have to ask your self is Laurina a good bet at 4/1 for the win , if you understand betting and markets and inverted odds etc..this is tough and I think Laurina is still just about a horse made more of promise than substance that its too skinny however if I can get 6/1 or 15/2 then a tickle would be looked at but its highly unlikely and tbh if it drifted out to twice its price that’s an alarm in itself so the answer is no bet for Laurina.

Now a bet I do like , ESPOIR D’ALLEN at around 16/1-20/1 is for me an excellent EW festival bet and you will be hard pushed to get a better bet on all week, lovely horse that has all the merit badges to say fuck you hyperbole!!..  I do think Buveur D’Air is the likely winner and will carry a decent bet for me however I will also be having a healthy EW EDA.

And that rounds up the highlights for me on Day one of the Festival.

Check for updates and the new Handicap King Selection box.


Well Howdy Strangers!!!

Its been a while since my last report or update but you know ive been busy try to re-establish my life and getting all my shit together and for the first time in at least 2 years I actually feel happy and back in a good place.

Got a new partner , got a new house , the babies are now 2 and 3 and everything is just ticking along sweetly.

Tiredness though!! now that’s a whole new conversation because im never anything other than exhausted , tired, drained or unresponsive…. the babs are 24/7 , feed me , change me , play with me , drink , more drink , sleep , play …..its just relentless but its getting better and the kids are just bloody awesome..

New post to follow…..

Thursday Summary

Using the new but shit version of wordpress has caused some ” outage ” issues , anyway I have found a way to use the classic design.

lets quickly summarise, 5 Races with 3 winners and two places for a very good day with the Bullet bets ahead with two winners but numerically not much as the buckle winner was a 15.2 shot with the two bullets at around 6.0 , a very good day with the bets doing well across the board with only the chase hcaps showing weakness.

Winners @




Places @





Thursday Review

Not a lot happened yesterday , got a winner but the racing was dire and the Bullet bet and indeed the buckle from the same race were both late changes in a frustrating day, didn’t have a bet yesterday as I wasn’t really feeling it but from a statistical perspective its good. Getting bored with all the hype surrounding the current or hyperbole stars with the up coming challenge between Native River and Might Bite this weekends big thing. I love love Might Bite and think this could be easily as good as Altior or the now retired Sprinter Sacre but does have issues in the head which for me cause it to needlessly under perform on the other hand I think the media and to a degree the paying public have very much under estimated the quality that lay within Native River often looking at style over substance and I am guilty of this myself at times as we get drawn into the fame and majesty like a moth to a flame often missing the glaringly obvious. Native River is top top class make no bones about that and always gives his all and has no issues and jumps like a stag and the winner of this duel will dominate this division for the year which will not only culminate in a win at Cheltenham but will no doubt take in a couple of other graded races also I think unless there is a very obvious reason for one or the other disappointing then I don’t think these two will eyeball each other again this season so between them can mop up.

2. 1320 Newc – Stargazer / Theglasgowwarrior ( Flat 1m4f ) – 3rd @ 6.52 / 1st @ 15.11

3. 1320 – Newc – Pammi / Echo ( Flat 1m4f ) – 1st @ 6.6 / Unplaced

4. 1325 MarkR – Wotzizname / Clondaw Native ( Hcap Hurdle ) – Unplaced / 3rd @ 6.23

5. 1445 Winc – Fairway Freddie / Maratt ( Hcap Hurdle ) – 1st @ 4.6 / Unplaced

Summary on Results : Bullet did ok with a place however the Buckle bet has come flying out with a 15.11 Winner, lets see how we get on with the others ?? 😉

Standard Wed Update ;)

So not a lot to update on as I haven’t done a great deal the last week as I’ve been busy in other areas of my life but from 3 Bullets on the last day we did hit a winner at 10.0 to stay ahead and nicely in profit.

The bullet bet did strike with a nice 10.0 winner (from only 3 selections) to keep us nicely ahead and in profit. What about Faugheen? Samcro bottled it (ground pussy) and Supersundae wasn’t right? what a load of bollocks, a very dull Morigana was media made interesting by having 3 heavyweights line up only for two to WD which wasn’t surprising in the least and as it happened Faugheen was easily beaten by Sharjah who looks a decent sort to take through the season, honest and genuine. Faugheen however looks shot, all the dogs are barking ” 3 miles ” which is fair as she will stay and she is a relentless galloper but she is also just a bit fucking slow and wont be winning anything over 2m unless absolute dross turns up and the 3m division looks quite strong so I cant see the Machine (broken) winning this season , not the force of old and in truth merits a consideration for retirement.

What I found highly fucking suspicious yesterday was the running or placing of LUMEN. Either absolute genius from the trainer or stupidity from the bookies?. What did they see that I didn’t ( race watching, broker for last 33 years ) ??. This did absolutely nothing on its first 3 runs ( over around 1m ) and on its last two runs in minor affairs was generously priced at 150/1 and 600/1 and was as expected stone last each time showing nothing and little to work on however the trainer sticks in a hcap over now 2m ( almost twice the distance its ever ran ) and  in a decent sized field up against runners with some bits of proven form its straight in at 2/1f??!!…what? how?? on the basis of what??… I just don’t see it? I cant process this as I have no data to process…it then hoses up!!.. many would scream fiddle however I feel all those screamers were the same favourite backers all over social media and as this was the fav they were all probably on it and mopping up but I simply cant believe the bookies were mugged of like this?, they know every scam in every book and offering 2/1+ on a good thing is surely free money for some or did they think the same as me? .. .. thoughts anyone?

Onto today , we have several to look and aim at ,

  1. 1240 Chepstow – Smart Boy / Holdbacktheriver – Both Unplaced
  2. 1350 Hexham – Saint Freule / Sleepy Haven – 1st @ 10.5 / 2nd @ 9.0               

Some Cheltenham Action..

Ok Ok so its been a quiet week blog wise but the winners ( and losers ) have been rolling in so statistically im happy as the no shows are in line with the blog although I was annoyed to have missed a couple of beauts yesterday!!..however we are on target and in profit so that has to be a good thing ? right?..

Today we will both look at Cheltenham ( I will always try to cover ) and see what Bullets and Buckles we have.


We start the day off with an ams race over 3m1f in what looks to be a very competitive opener and the 5.2 on For Good Measure looks way too short for a horse that has it all to prove against some very nice looking improvers with form in the bag, surely even at 5.2 that’s a big Lay bet?. For the Win ( or EW ) I wont look any further than the J J Codd ridden STATION MASTER from an in form stable  this hardy type ticks all the boxes and will gtee a decent run for your money.

The 1315 is a nice Novice Hurdle and Dostal Phil has to now match the hype and gossip, often talked about as a rising star and future champion this 5yr old now has to start showing he has the ability to match.  Personally I will be siding with DREAM DU GRAND VAL at around 9.0 a price I think is very generous for this ex French recruit now housed with Henderson, may not win but is worth a dabble and is worth keeping an eye on as ive been informed that it jumps very well indeed.

the 1350 is a bit of a nothingness for me and I will just be watching Peppay Le Pugh as this outsider is quite overpriced imo.

the 1425 is another small field affair and for me this will rest between the Henderson duo of Mr Whipped and the very disappointing (last season) JENKINS however I will take preference for Jenkins to show more now having won his season opened easy although the form is nothing it showed he had heart and was a decent jumper and at around 11/1 is well worth a sniff but the dutch remains a sound and better betting option.

the 1500 is a standard XC affair with some of the usual suspects turning up or in some cases Tuning  up which is a bit naughty.  We get to see the Grand National winner Tiger Roll today and he is also a CD winner having won at last years festival before winning the national however this is his first race of the season and he has to get the very skilled and experienced JOSIES ORDERS over a stone in weight and that is a very tough call however Josies Orders is rated some 40 LB lower so in theory the extra weight should not be an issue?..tough Call and decision. I cannot split these two because the only other danger Bless the Wings has quite a bit to find with both so I will sit on the fence and have another Dutched bet.

The 1535 is a very decent looking Novice Hurdle over 2m5f. I think Pym is worth taking on as the current 2/1 is way to short so I will lay that as the extra 5f will either catch it out of enhance but the price is one that has Lay written all over it. For a bet at 20/1 I think KAPGARRY is a very interesting bet and that’s where my money is going.

Today’s Bullets and Buckles.

  1. 1240 Chelt – Sky Pirate & Lovely Job – ( Chase ) –

     2. 1220 Ling – Anonymous John (1st @ 10.0) & Diamond Lady – ( 6F Flat ) –

     3. 1325 Ling – Gossiping & Makaarim – ( 1m Flat ) –

So just the three qualifiers for today ….lets see how we get on today.

Steady Monday Fayre…

Just a quick little update as we are already half way through the day.

  1. 1445 – Southwell –  Essential / Eponina – ( Flat } – Both Unplaced ( No Show )
  2. 1455 – Kempton – Younevercall / The Sweeney – ( Hcap Hurdle ) – 1st @ 7.4 and 3rd @ 9.6
  3. 1510 – Carlisle – Instant Replay / Instingtive – ( Hcap Chase ) – Both Unplaced.
  4. 1520 – Southwell – Amazing Michele – Karezak ( Flat ) – Both Unplaced
  5. 1530 – Kempton – Song Saa / Tara View – ( Hcap Chase ) – Both Unplaced

Results :

Some for Later ….

1.1600 Kempton – ( Hcap Hurdle ) – Nachi Falls / Celestial Path – 

and thats it for today as we dont seem to have any evening AW to look at…

so 6 in total for today , lets hope we hit a winner or three…